Rihanna calls fan a 'cougar' after she criticised star's baby comments

Rihanna calls fan a 'cougar' after she criticised star's baby comments
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Don’t mess with a new mother.

Rihanna clapped back at fans who criticised her for calling her nine-month-old son “fine” in her new Instagram post, going as far as to call one critic a “cougar.”

Yesterday, British Vogue announced Rihanna would be their March cover star, posting photos of the musician along with her son, and partner ASAP Rocky.

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Taking to Instagram, Rihanna shared a set of three photos of her and her son

“My son so fine! [I don’t care] [I don’t care] [I don’t care]!” Rihanna, 34, wrote in her caption.

But some fans took issue with the musician and businesswoman calling her son “fine” believing it to be inappropriate.

Commenters believe it was strange of the musician to call her son a term that is often reserved for good-looking adults.

But Rihanna wasn’t having it.

“Who calls a baby fine??” One commenter wrote.

Rihanna replied, “his mother!!”

“Fine!? More like cute, adorable… he’s not a grown man… lol,” another commenter said.

Rihanna clapped back, “you just keep your lil cougar paws away from him and we good!”

“RiRi [I know] you did not just say “fine”...” another person wrote.

Rihanna responded, “[As f***].”

Other fans defended Rihanna in the comments, saying her words are just out of adoration.

"These [people] under these comments seem deranged about what someone calls there own child it’s just a word stop judging the woman," one person wrote on Rihanna's Instagram post.

"The women in my family talk like that about babies as well. I think it’s a Caribbean thing to say that. It’s the same thing as saying handsome," an Instagram commenter wrote.

The musician recently announced she is expecting her second child with ASAP Rocky during her Super Bowl Halftime performance.

In her interview with British Vogue, Rihanna said she wanted to expand her family with ASAP Rocky but wasn’t sure when. The musician was unknowingly pregnant at the time.

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