Robert Pattinson reveals he demanded a 'pee flap' on his Batman suit

Robert Pattinson: The Batman opening is so jarring

Playing a superhero is not without its difficulties for Hollywood's A-listers.

In anticipation of Robert Pattinson's "The Batman," which will release in theaters on March 4th, Pattinson made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to discuss the upcoming film.

During the show, Kimmel asked Pattinson if he had reached out to any of the previous lineup of Batman actors asking for any tips or advice.

To which the "Twilight" star admitted that he was "a bit scared" to ask any of the high-profile actors anything but then he ended up bumping into Christian Bale by chance.

Bale then gave Pattinson a piece of a very important piece of advice.

"[I was] next to him in a urinal and I guess it kind of inspired him to say, 'The first thing you need to do in the batsuit is figure out a way to pee.'"

He added, "So when I went to the costume department I was like, 'First things first. I need a patch. I need a flap on the back.' Easy access... I pee sitting down."

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Having to spend long hours on set in a bulky costume makes ordinary tasks like using the bathroom or even texting a hassle. Bale isn't the first superhero who has expressed his frustration with his character's suit.

For example, Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, shared during an episode of "Live With Kelly and Ryan" back in 2017 that it is a "mission" whenever he has to go to the bathroom because his entire body is covered by his costume.

"It looks amazing, [but it] feels terrible... going to the bathroom is a mission. You have to plan 45 minutes in advance," he remarked.

On Twitter, fans noted that Bale had given Affleck the same piece of advice prior to him taking up the mantle.

"Bale gave the same advice to Affleck LMAO.. ma boy was traumatized by his suit lol," wrote one fan.

"The only thing I said to him was to make sure to [be able to] take a piss without having anyone help him, because it's a little bit humiliating," Bale told Access Hollywood back in 2013. "You have to have someone … help you out of the costume in order to be able to do that. So that was my main piece of advice for him."

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