Ryan Gosling's amazing story about his baby daughter

YouTube / Jimmy Kimmel Live

Who wouldn't be thrilled to show their child the wonders of New York for the first time?

With the skyscraper eye-candy, yellow cabs zooming by, and the wonders of jazz, theatre and art just round almost ever block...

But the big moment didn't go quite to plan for Ryan Gosling and his youngest daughter, one-year-old Amada.

Gosling opened up about the hilarious moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week.

He revealed that he brought his partner Eva Mendes and his two daughters with him to New York while promoting his new movie Blade Runner 2049.

Picture: Picture: Getty Images / Samuel de Roman / Stringer 

Struggling to keep a straight face, he said of Amada:

It's her first time in New York.

I took her to the window in the morning and said: "Sweetheart, welcome to New York."

And then two cars went SMASH.

And then smoke started pouting out of the cars.

And then the two guys got out, and I won't repeat the hand gestures to you.

But I quickly covered her eyes, and ran away from the window. 

Kimmel quipped:

She learned to give the finger in New York. Wow.

Gosling agreed, perfectly summing up his daughter's first trip to the Big Apple:

It was a very New York experience.

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