Ryan Reynolds apologises after accidentally dropping an f-bomb during first Wrexham press conference

Ryan Reynolds apologises after accidentally dropping an f-bomb during first Wrexham press conference

Ryan Reynolds certainly got into the footy spirit after watching his football club Wrexham A.F.C. for the first time - but perhaps maybe too much after accidentally dropping an f-bomb during a post-match press conference.

Last year, in a surprising turn of events, the Deadpool actor bought the Welsh football club along with It’s Always Sunny star and showbiz friend Rob McElhenney.

After the pandemic kept the stars away from the Racecourse Ground, the pair were excited to finally see their team play in person.

And this excitement came through when explaining to reporters the kind of legacy they want to create at Wrexham after watching their first match.

At the press conference, Rob said: “We just want to set up the structure for the club to continue long after we’re dead.”

Reynolds then quickly provides his input (and just as quickly puts his foot in it) he joked with reporters: “Unless there’s a meteor, then we’re all f****d” I mean, he’s got a point.”

An eruption of laughter can then be heard in response, while a journalist then informed Ryan that it wasn’t just the reporters in the press conference who heard his expletive.

“This is actually being live-streamed on ITV Wales. Apologies for the language there,” he told the Free Guy star.

Oh dear.

Appearing alarmed at his gaffe, Ryan exclaimed: “NOOO, I had no idea, I’m so sorry.”

Meanwhile, Wrexham fans were thrilled to welcome Ryan and Rob as they cheered on their team against Maidenhead at the York Road Stadium.

Unfortunately, their presence didn’t help with the scoreline after Wrexham lost 3-2, but the stars have big plans for the club.

“We’d be lying if the dream wasn’t Premier League,” Ryan said. “Look, our goal is to get back in the league and continue our way upwards.

“It’s to win, win, win! Everything is in lockstep with Wrexham and the community. Our job is to remind the supporters of the club, make sure Wrexham is the name and a bit more global.”

Rob agreed and added: “If you can theoretically get to the Premier League...why not dream big?

Hopefully, they will see their club win in their next match as Ryan and Rob are set to watch their first home game at the Racecourse against Torquay on Saturday, October 30th.

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