Salt Bae: Nusr-Et steakhouse restaurateur and meme eats three steaks a day

Salt Bae’s London restaurant has caused quite the stir in recent weeks for serving elaborate and expensive gold steaks, and catering to celebrity guests like Gemma Collins.

People have complained about the bill, it has been hit by negative reviews, and its enabled Instagrammers to get some great #content.

And if you ever wondered whether Bae himself - Nusret Gökçe - follows a similar diet to the food served by his restaurant, you can wonder no longer as he has now described his diet in full.

In an interview with the Sun, the meme described his daily routine which - you guessed it - includes a lot of steak.

The chef said exercise and nutrition as “like fingerprints” in that they are “personalised”.

Before doing a workout, Salt Bae drinks two glasses of room temperature still water and four apricots. He also has a cappuccino.

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Then, it is breakfast time - a 250g steak with chickpeas, lentils, beans and black rice.

For lunch he has an assortment of steamed vegetables and... a 250g steak.

The in the afternoon he gets another caffeine hit - this time a single espresso, with a yoghurt with grape molasses - a traditional Turkish syrup.

He then has dinner at 9pm. What does he have? A steak of course. This steak comes with a beetroot salad - followed by only water for the rest of the night.

We just doubt he charges himself the same amount as he does his guests.

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