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Rory Stewart's unlikely run in the Tory leadership race came to an end yesterday but it wasn't without its moments as he proved to be a true character and one of the vaguely likeable MPs in Westminster.

Amongst his many unusual moments included attempting to talk to people on the street and taking his tie off in the middle of the BBC's leadership debate.

However, arguably the strangest thing that was said about Stewart during this whole saga was the accusation that he was once an MI6 spy, which he firmly denied.

Yet a story from a Tory councillor named Charlotte Leach, who used to work in an office next door to Stewart would suggest otherwise...

Her Twitter thread begins by mourning Stewart's loss in the leadership contest before it turns into something from a Mission: Impossible movie after he revealed that he had locked himself out of his office in the Norman Shaw North building in Westminster.

Climbing out of a fifth-floor window and scaling the side of a building? That's definitely something that a spy would be taught how to do.

Better yet, he could be Spider-Man!

Indy100 has contacted Rory Stewart for comment.

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