Shaquille O'Neal believes that Earth has more than one Moon

Shaquille O'Neal believes that Earth has more than one Moon
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Legendary basketball player and sports analyst Shaquille O'Neal confused people after revealing that he believes the Earth has more than one moon.

During a recent segment of the TNT program Inside the NBA, O'Neal revealed to fellow co-hosts Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith his newest "theory."

"I have a new theory - there's more than one moon," the four-time NBA champion said in a clip shared on the NBA on TNT Twitter account.

O'Neal's sentiments were met with an "oh no" response, but he proceeded to explain.

"The other day, I was riding [inaudable], and the moon was on the left. And I keep going straight, then making those turns, and about 20 minutes later, the moon was behind me," he said.

Barkley, who had a jokingly puzzled look on his face, chimed in and said: "It's because you're moving, fool."

O'Neal still reiterated his beliefs and responded: "That was more than one moon, and then another 45 seconds, the moon was on my right."

Soon after that, Johnson jokingly joined in and said: "Check, please?"

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As explained by NASA, planet Earth has only one moon, and many of the major planets in the solar system - except Venus and Mercury - have moons.

People couldn't contain their amusement and made jokes about O'Neal's moon theory.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Most educated NBA player."

"Ernie must be like, dear God, what did I do to deserve this?" another quipped.

A third, who seemed to love every bit of the segment, wrote: "I love this show. Legends."

This isn't O'Neal's only bizarre theory about Earth.

Back in August, he reiterated his 2017 belief that he thinks the Earth may be flat, all because he "didn't tip over" mid-flight.

In an interview with the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O, he said he 'likes listening' to the theories of Earth not being round. He also admitted that he wasn't "sure" if the planet actually spun at all.

"It's a theory. It's just a theory. They teach us a lot of things. It's just a theory," O'Neal explained.

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