Stephen King thinks Trump is as crazy as a 's**thouse mouse'

Stephen King thinks Trump is as crazy as a 's**thouse mouse'
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Horror writer Stephen King has laid into former president Donald Trump calling him “as crazy as a s**thouse mouse”.

King’s colourful description of Trump appeared to be prompted by a series of rants on Trump's own social media site Truth Social, which he created after being permanently banned from many large mainstream platforms.

The author of The Shining also warned against handing Trump back any sort of power as rumours swirl that the disgraced former president is going to run for reelection in 2024.

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King tweeted: “Based on his recent Truth Social blasts, I have to say Donald Trump is as crazy as a s**thouse mouse.

“The only thing crazier would be to let him have access to the levers of power ever again.”

It wouldn't be the first time King has made his views on Trump known. In an interview with the Sunday Times, King said he thought Trump was a “horrible president and is a horrible person”.

In the comments, many agreed with King’s tweet, which has been liked more than 30,000 times.

One person replied: “Agree wholeheartedly!!!”

Someone else joked: “S**thouse mice are wondering... why is Stephen King ragging on us?”

Another wrote: “True…but welcome to the good ole USA where the inmates keep trying to take over the asylum.”

Meanwhile, others in the comments were amused by King’s excellent use of the term “s**thouse mouse”.

Someone commented: “If anyone who reads this truly loves me, you would try very hard to incorporate the term ‘s**thouse mouse’ into your conversations at least once a day. Thank you.”

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