Sydney Sweeney responds awkwardly when presented with AI version of herself

Sydney Sweeney responds awkwardly when presented with AI version of herself
Sydney Sweeney recently paid off her mum's mortgage
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Sydney Sweeney recently appeared at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris where they unveiled an AI-generated image of the star.

The Euphoria actress was called out in the audience, before being informed they "used her portrait" to create the image.

When asked what she thought about it, Sweeney awkwardly responded: "Aw, I love it. It's amazing it can take an image like this."

The host quipped: "You look absolutely amazing."

Samsung reveals AI-generated image of Euphoria star Sydney SweeneyX/Twitter

Before long, the snippet from the night was shared to X/Twitter where social media users chimed in with their observations.

"What kills me is that she's actually a great actress but she still couldn't make this seem natural or normal," one wrote, while another added: "These celebrities know deep inside this AI s*** is weird."

A third penned: "It also looks terrible and nothing like her? What value did it even bring?"

On a more serious note, one woman highlighted: "The thousand-yard stare of a woman who knows *exactly* what people who will feed her likeness to AI will use it for."

It comes after a string of celebrities found themselves the target of deepfake porn content, including Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and Margot Robbie.

A deepfake is a digitally altered video or image to depict someone else, often without consent. They're generally used with malicious intent or to spread false information from high-profile individuals.

Earlier this year, a new law – proposed by Conservative MP Laura Farris and the Ministry of Justice – means that anyone who creates a "sexually explicit deepfake, even if they have no intent to share it but purely want to cause alarm, humiliation or distress to the victim," will be committing a criminal offence."

They will face prosecution and an unlimited fine, the Ministry of Justice said. Sharing the images could also result in prison.

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