Taylor Swift 'could beat Trump' says former communications director

Taylor Swift 'could beat Trump' says former communications director

Taylor Swift is the only person who could beat Trump, according to his former communications director

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The former White House communications director for Donald Trump, Alyssa Farah Griffin, said there's only one person who could defeat the former President: Taylor Swift.

Griffin, a co-host of The View, spoke about Swift in the latest episode of The View: Behind the Table when the topic of the pop star and rumoured relationship with Travis Kelce came into conversation.

The conversation steered into politics when Griffin said: "This ends in one way; we are all Taylor Swift fans, and to be honest, if Donald Trump looks like he's gonna win, she's just gonna need to get in the race and defeat him once and for all, because she's probably the only person who can!"

Griffin resigned as the White House communications director in December 2020, concluding that he had lost the election, despite his insistence that he had not. After the January 6 insurrection, Griffin disavowed Trump saying he had 'crossed a line'.

In April, Griffin said she would never vote for Trump again, to which the former President fired back, calling her a "sleazebag" and a "loser".

Whilst it may seem like a strange and far-fetched suggestion, Swift's influence doesn't just stop at music.

After she issued a call to action on her Instagram on National Voter Registration Day, Vote.org reported a 1,226% spike in participation in the hour after Swift posted the Instagram story, with more than 35,000 new voters.

Emerson College also released polling in the school's August 2023 national poll which included a hypothetical Swift candidacy as a third party. Swift was found to be viewed favourably by 43 per cent of voters, whilst 38 per cent were neutral. However, in a vote between Swift, Trump, and Biden, Swift only pulled 8 per cent of the votes, with Trump favoured by 43 per cent.

So, it doesn't look like we'll be getting President Swift quite yet but never say never.

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