Taylor Swift reportedly split from Joe Alwyn and everyone made the same Pete Davidson joke

Taylor Swift reportedly split from Joe Alwyn and everyone made the same Pete Davidson joke

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It turns out Taylor Swift’s ‘lavender haze’ may well have faded away now, as it’s been reported the singer-songwriter has split from her boyfriend Joe Alwyn – and naturally, whenever there’s a female celebrity break-up, it isn’t long before comedian Pete Davidson’s name is mentioned.

The former Saturday Night Live star has become a popular meme nowadays for his string of celebrity exes – something Davidson himself doesn’t “think [is] that interesting” and has described as a “really s****y feeling” – and so Twitter is already wondering if he’s got his eyes set on the “Anti-Hero” singer.

According to Entertainment Today, the break-up between Swift and Alwyn was “not dramatic” but that their relationship “had just run its course” – which is why the actor “hasn’t been spotted” at any of Swift’s shows on her current Eras tour.

People also reported the end of the pair’s six-year relationship, saying a “source close to the pair” had confirmed the split to the outlet.

And thus, it wasn’t long before Davidson’s name was trending on Twitter, and memes followed suit:

While the internet pokes fun at Davidson, we can’t help but point out another celebrity who’s seemingly tried his luck at wooing Swift in the past.

Elon Musk.

We wish we were joking, but just last month, fans of the musician were telling the Twitter CEO to “stay away” from the singer after making two unusual comments about the popstar.

In one tweet, Musk said her “limbic resonance skill is exceptional” (meaning her ability to strike a “deep emotional and physiological connection”), while a second saw her respond to a set of photos from her Eras tour with a cigarette emoji.

We assumed – as did others – that this was him saying she’s “smoking” and not him comparing her to an object which increases your risk of lung cancer.

Given the aforementioned Eras tour is still underway, we suspect Swift has a lot of other things on her plate at the moment and probably isn’t ready to dive into another relationship so soon after her last one – if the latest reports are to be believed.

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