Taylor Swift tracked down a fan at the Grammys just to give her a hug

If you are a big enough fan of Taylor Swift; she will look for you, she will find you, she will hug you, and she will take selfies with you.

Jill Ralke, who, judging by her Tumblr blog, is quite a big fan of the singer, was astonished to receive a message from her idol after posting that she would be attending the Grammy Awards.

Swift, who notoriously likes to... 'stalk' her fans online - a hobby she has coined "Taylurking" - had her publicist track Jill down and take her backstage.

Writing of the experience on her Tumblr, Jill explained:

My heart was pounding so fast and I turned the corner and Taylor sprung up from her seat, and shouted “HEY JILL.” THAT IS WHEN I DIED. It is my goal in life for Taylor to know my name and now she does :’)

  • Jill Ralkee

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