Taylor Swift's 'close call' wardrobe malfunction has fans questioning her outfits

Taylor Swift dives into stage during Eras concert

Taylor Swift has been praised online for miraculously avoiding a wardrobe malfunction while donning a one-legged catsuit.

The star recently hit the road for her hotly anticipated 'Eras Tour' following days of messy ticket sales back in January – thanks to Ticketmaster.

One Swiftie shared a viral clip of the singer performing 'Look What You Made Me Do' wearing a stunning jumpsuit with a snake embellishment across the body.

"She was ready to risk it all," the fan wrote alongside the clip which has been viewed over 1.4 million times.

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The tweet was soon inundated with hundreds of responses highlighting the "close call".

"Girl, it was almost OUT," one fan quipped, while another added: "Well she trusts that suit a lot."

Meanwhile, a third theorised: "I’m thinking her stockings must be thick and flesh colours to make it look like her skin so there is no way anything like that could happen. that’s the only way I’d trust a suit like that lol."

It comes after fans of Swift and Billie Eilish were put on blast for their "concert etiquette".

In many of the videos circulating online, people can be heard screaming so loudly that people listening to the videos cannot hear the actual performance.

In a viral TikTok, one fan jokingly wrote: "The last time I saw Taylor on tour the mom next to us asked us if we could calm down because we were scaring her 7 year old."


See you tomorrow @taylorswift ! I feel bad for whoever is next to me #eras #erastour #swiftcity #glendale #midnights #taylorswift #taylornation @taylornation

One fellow TikToker responded: "Keep in mind that there is a difference between having fun & singing and then being so loud it affects people around you and they can’t hear her over you."

Another reiterated: "There’s such thing as concert etiquette tho."

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