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A gay make-up artist working in the US state of Texas has shared a conversation that she had with a bride-to-be who rejected her services because of her sexuality.

Kristian Cardenas works as a freelance make-up artist in Lubbock, Texas, a city in the northwest of the Lone Star state that is considered to be widely conservative.

On Wednesday, Cardenas shared a text conversation that she had with a bride which resulted in a blatant act of homophobia and being told that her sexuality was a sin.

As you can see the conversation started out in quite a civil tone but quickly descended after Kristian was asked if she was gay and it's honestly quite depressing to see something like this in 2019, especially in Pride month.

Kristian's tweet quickly went viral but she received a lot of support from fellow Twitter users, who complimented her for remaining professional in the face of hate speech.

Kristian has since added more comments to the thread, thanking everyone for their support and encouraged others who have suffered similar abuse to speak out.

She has also shared a link to her Facebook page so if you are in the Lubbock area and need a make-up job, make sure you hit her up.

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