The 11 best comebacks of all time (celebrity edition)

The 11 best comebacks of all time (celebrity edition)

Have you ever walked away from an insult and thought, "I wish I'd said something better than 'your Mum'"? Us too.

Learn from the experts who put-down trolls and fight critics before breakfast, and take inspiration from some of the best comebacks of all time.

Stephen Hawking shows television presenter and comedian John Oliver who the real funny-man is.

Stephen Hawking and John Oliver

Remember Tom, everyone's first MySpace BFF? When someone questioned his success and labelled him a social media failure, Tom took a break from counting his dollar bills to respond.

When reality TV star-turned-designer Lauren Conrad was asked what her favourite position was, she replied with all sorts of girl-power.

Many of James Blunt's tweets could have made this list, but this one was a lesson in burn-age.

The Piers Morgan v. Gary Lineker feud has been well-documented, but who can forget this gem.

Or this...

Someone told Rihanna to never go back to her ex, so the star reminded us all of the sanctity of Twitter.

During a promotional interview for the Batman: Dark Knight Rises film, Anne Hathaway was asked what her diet and exercise routine

Twitter is rife with sexism and derogatory comments - and J.K.Rowling has had enough.

Imagine being asked to talk about your outfit every time you went to a party. When asked what she was wearing on the Oscar's red carpet Jennifer Lawrence said what was on all our minds.

The Mail Online kindly ran a story on comedian Amy Shumer's pre-workout snack. Realising what an excellent choice of pastry she had made, she shared it with her followers.

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