The Daily Mail's Sarah Vine is at it again.

No, we don't mean she's sounding off about being married to Michael Gove.

It's the F-word. Or rather, the fact that "2015 is the year that feminism lost the plot":

The piece says that today's young feminists are the "most liberated, privileged generation of females to walk this earth".

But then they trot out the old "don't you have more important things to worry about" line that is so often aimed at western feminists.

Instead of taking on the people traffickers who drown the babies of Syrian mothers for profit or mounting furious protests against Islamists who enslave, rape and kill women in their thousands, they tinker around the edges of their own rarefied existence, wailing like spoilt toddlers at the slightest deviation from the kid-gloved treatment they expect.

And 2015 was the year they really threw all their toys out of the pram.

Because calling out terrible media portrayals of women, continued sexual violence and objectification and the wage gap aren't important enough issues for feminism to focus on?

We should thank ourselves lucky that we aren't Yazidi women in Iraq, or caned for being in the presence of a male friend like a women in Indonesia recently.

And they're right. But the flaw in the argument is that the DM seem to think you can't be concerned about both western and developing world issues.

And if you want proof that feminism is still a necessity in the UK in 2015, the rant opens with this:

Womankind has had much to celebrate in 2015. The Queen became the longest reigning monarch in Britain's history, delightful Nadiya Hussein won Bake Off and the Duchess of Cambridge produced another picture-perfect child.

So we could have gone with the first all-female team of astronauts, the achievements of record breaking Serena Williams, or Tu You You, the first Chinese woman to win the Nobel prize for medicine, but the Mail's top female achievements of the year? A woman who continued to do a hereditary job, a woman who baked cakes on TV, and a woman who had a baby.

The Daily Mail ladies and gentlemen: destroying its own argument in one opening sentence.

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