There are probably more words in this sentence than there are actual members of the Westboro Baptist Church, the gay-bashing religious group known for picketing the funerals of US soldiers and their 'God hates fags' signs.

So while it would probably be best to ignore them, laughing at them is a close second.

That's why a video of the Foo Fighters gloriously Rickrolling a WBC picket outside their Kansas City concert is blowing up online.

While brilliant, it's not actually the best example of the Foo Fighters trolling the WBC (the internet is a big place), that honour going to a 2011 clip - again involving a Kansas City gig.

In this video, Grohl and his bandmates dress up as an exaggerated country band, arrive at the WBC picket in a flatbed truck, and string them along with their 'rock, flag and eagle' shtick before launching into the part of the song extolling the virtues of same-sex relationships.


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