These are the 10 highest earning entertainers in the world

The first global ranking of the 100 highest paid entertainers has been published by the US magazine Forbes.

1. Floyd Mayweather, boxer: $300m (£190.7m)

2. Manny Pacquiao, boxer: $160m (£101.7m)

3. Katy Perry, musician: $135m (£85.8m)

4. One Direction: $130m (£82.6m)

5. Howard Stern, US radio personality: $95m (£60.4m)

6. Garth Brooks, musician: $90m (£57.2m)

7. James Patterson, novelist: $89m (£56.6m)

=8. Robert Downey Jr, actor: $80m (£50.9m)

=8. Taylor Swift, musician: $80m (£50.9m)

10. Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer: $79.5m (£50.5m)

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