Hugo and Ross Turner (pic credit: Matt Roberts gym)

Skating on thin ice?

Identical twins Hugo and Ross Turner have returned to the UK after scaling Russia’s Mount Elbrus. One twin enjoyed the benefits of modern-day clothing and equipment, while the other dressed in 1920s clothing.

Did he forget to pack his fleece?

No, it was intentional. The 26-year-old Londoners embarked on the endeavour for research by King’s College London and GlaxoSmithKline’s Human Performance Lab.

Who drew the short straw?

Hugo completed the 18,510-foot climb in period costume inspired by George Mallory, believed to be the first person to stand on the summit of Everest. Ross, a personal trainer at a Matt Roberts gym in London, was kitted out with more up-to-date gear.

That seems a little unfair.

In a previous expedition to Greenland it was Ross who donned the period garb. But Hugo didn’t mind the change, telling i he wanted to experience the “struggles and triumphs” that his predecessor would have gone through. In fact, the 1920s kit was “as good if not better” than the modern equivalent, he said.

What motivated them to do it?

They wanted to raise money for Spinal Research, a cause close to their family’s heart. When Hugo was 17 he broke his neck and it was a long road to recovery. “I’m not 100 per cent now and never will be,” he said. “I’m reasonably limited in what I can do.”

Most people don’t spend their spare time scaling mountains…

The brothers are committed to helping fund research into curing paralysis. “We’ve raised about £3,500 so far for this trip but in total we’ve raised over £300,000,” Hugo said.

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