These illustrations perfectly sum up the conflicting pressures women face

These illustrations perfectly sum up the conflicting pressures women face

A new series of illustrations shows just how conflicting the standards for women can be these days – from being encouraged to speak up more at work, to being told they're "too bossy" for doing just that.

Following France’s recent burkini ban, illustrator Daisy Bernard decided it was time to address these confusing pressures, pointing out how contradictory insults aimed at women can be.

Inspired by a French cartoon called 'The Lottery of Indecency', she set out to show that it’s not just with clothing that women experience these issues.

She told indy100:

I knew a lot of women would relate with the drawings, and by putting these conflicting standards side by side I hope they'd enforce how ridiculous they are. For men too, hopefully it would show them how confusing it is to be a woman nowadays, as I'm sure most are already aware of.

Plenty of women did relate, and admitted they had experienced similar situations.

But not everyone got the point, as she explained:

There were a lot of negative and aggressive reactions suggesting that I'm moaning, complaining, or being ridiculous. But to be honest, that kind of reinforces why I did it in the first place - you can never please everyone. I still agree with what I wrote, and a few nasty comments aren't going to make me feel any differently.

She added:

Pretty much every comment from each illustration I'd either experienced myself, or someone close to me had. They're nothing outrageous or shocking, they're quite (sadly) normal, everyday things. But just because they're normal, it doesn't mean they should be accepted.

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