This 15-year-old has earned $375k from babysitting

This 15-year-old has earned $375k from babysitting

Noa Mintz is just 15 years old. But, unless you’re in the top two per cent of earners in the country, she almost definitely makes more money than you do.

Because when she’s not hitting the books at school, she’s running Nannies By Noa – a babysitting agency that boasts 190 clients and has become so popular, she’s been forced to hire herself a CEO to keep up with demand.

Mintz charges a flat rate of $5 for babysitters and now has 50 recruits working on average 15 hours a week.

She has 25 full-time nannies, of which she takes a 15 per cent annual fee from their initial gross salaries. On average, nannies charge from $50,000 - $80,000 a year in the US. The company has reported revenues of $375,000 (£240k).

Speaking of how she maintains her busy work-school balance, she told CNN:

I'm not an A+ student. I have definitely struggled with school, [but] having this business, I realised that book smart isn't the same as entrepreneurial smart. I've tried to channel the business to give me more confidence in school.

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