This excellent portrait of Donald Trump is made from his most hateful quotes

(Picture: Conor Collins
(Picture: Conor Collins

Gaze upon its magnificence. A Manchester-based artist has created a painting of Donald Trump, made out of some of his most vile statements.

Conor Collins tweeted the final painting from his account Tuesday, and it has since recieved over 350 retweets and likes.

Collins told the i100 that the idea just appeared to him.

I've done similar work before (one of Tom Daley and one of Caitlyn Jenner) so it wasn't something brand new for me.

His previous work of Tom Daley featured homophobic quotes faced by the then-19-year-old when he revealed he was gay in a YouTube video.

Insults included "dirty fag" and "he's going to hell, it's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve".

Collins revealed to the i100 that the painting of Trump was actually the third of its kind on that particular canvas (apt), and is an acrylic work (also apt):

I'm not precious with my paintings so if they aren't good enough, they get painted over!

He selected quotes that he found particularly bigoted or misinformed, in order to create the portrait of the Republican frontrunner, although he couldn’t tell us his least favourite quote...

I can't say which is the worst thing he's said, it's like picking the prettiest turd in a sewer.

His opinion of Trump’s campaign is similarly low:

The Trump campaign started off laughable and we all, across the globe, laughed at this silly man trying to buy and bully his way into politics.

Although his comments are ridiculous, his campaign has grown in strength and he has become dangerous. He is normalising racism, bigotry and sexism and is using it to further his career.

In this vein, we hereby humbly submit a portrait of Donald Trump using our favourite and oft-repeated statement of his: "I'm really rich".

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