This four-year-old is helping the homeless dressed as Superman


The saying goes that not all heroes wear capes. This one, however, certainly does.

Austin first became passionate about helping the homeless after he watched a TV show about a young panda who was left without a place to live after being abandoned by his mother.

His dad, TJ Perine, told CBS news how after discovering the plight of the hungry and homeless, little Austin decided he wanted to spend all of his spare money that would otherwise have spent on toys on "chicken sandwiches for the homeless instead".

Since fighting for the cause, Austin has already set up a PayPal account, where people can donate to help the homeless, as well as a GoFundMe page.

After appearing on CBS News, he now has followers on Twitter from high profile accounts such as Burger King and Fight Hunger, who have pledged to support him in his quest.

As well as having a huge heart, Austin is also wise beyond his years. After he gives each person a sandwich, he leaves them with some words of wisdom: "Don't forget to show love."

He also uses the hashtag #ShowLove on all his social media posts, as well as on t-shirts that you can buy on his PayPal page to support the cause.

America's newest superhero likes to go by the name "President Austin", because "that's his idea of what a President should do."

Many of his supporters are hoping that one day he will have the opportunity to do just that.

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