This girl posted a perfect example of just how awful some men can be on social media

A teenager has posted a tweet showing how an innocent photo of her new headphones still managed to prompt an uninvited and sexually explicit comment from a male user.

Catrin Williams, from Newport, Wales, shared screenshots of the interaction on Twitter next to the original Snapchat post, with the wonderfully pithy caption:

Her post has been retweeted over 36,000 times, with many replying with sarcastic comments of their own.

Cat also wrote an open letter to a newspaper who covered the incident, as they seemed to miss the point entirely.

Speaking to indy100, Cat said generally the reaction to her tweet has been very positive, "lots of men and women both agreeing with how wrong these kinds of messages are, and lots of people enjoying the tweet saying it was funny."

The majority of the replies I've had directly to me have all been brilliant but I had a look through a few comment sections on various articles about it and it would seem a lot of people are considering it a non-issue and also saying it's my fault and I should expect it for wearing the makeup [and] clothes I do and not having my account on private, which I thoroughly disagree with...

Of course I've had one or two people telling me I'm over reacting and should just take the compliment because there's nothing wrong with being called sexy and stunning. With both the tweet and the letter though, it's heartwarming to see the response has been overwhelmingly positive with the negative comments far and few between.

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