This girl's high school graduation photos accidentally featured a naked man and his dog

Picture: Elena Nesbit
Picture: Elena Nesbit

Senior pictures - an American tradition that marks a student's departure from high school - are meant to be something that parents can display proudly on the mantelpiece.

This wasn't the case for Jillian Henry, a 17-year-old from Oregon, whose photographs featured more than her beaming grin.

The senior, from South Eugene High School, was posing by Willamette River near Mount Pisgah on Saturday when a naked man and his dog emerged from the bushes and started splashing around in the background.

Henry told indy100 that Elena Nesbit (the photographer) pointed the man out, but they "weren't entirely sure what to do.".

We just thought it was pretty funny. We had two other friends there who couldn't see him. They didn't understand why Elena and I were laughing so much.

The images, which Henry posted on Twitter with the caption "love my senior pics", have been retweeted more than 23,000 times and liked more than 72,000 people. Henry told Oregon Live that she "never expected it to get that big," and that she got "super excited" by just a "few hundred favourites".

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