This Instagram account is showing the fun side of Imams

This Instagram account is showing the fun side of Imams

An Instagram account that shows members of the clergy in Iran taking part in everyday activities has gone viral - providing the Western world with images we're not always used to seeing.

The account, named Talebeh Today, was created by religious scholar Masoud Zareian in an attempt to show the relevance of Imams in contemporary life (a talebeh is an Islamic seminary student).

Since the Islamic revolution in 1979, Imams have played a large role in Iran, and their sermons are often in line with the government's message. As the years have passed their political influence has been questioned by those who feel the clergy are too conservative.

While BBC Trending reports that liberal sectors in Iran have question Zareian's motives in creating the account, thousands are still enjoying his non-stereotypical pictures, which don't show Imams and scholars delivering fiery sermons, but rather:

with their children

Going shopping

Making the tea

Playing sports

...And even ski-ing in their clerical robes.

Zareian says the Instagram page is an attempt to 'reflect a true and real picture of the social life of the clergymen of today's Iran.'

He told an Iranian newspaper:

I believe if we try to portray the spiritual leaders as innocent like angels, it will look a bit unreal to people. A cleric is just an ordinary person.

HT: BBC Trending

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