This is what it looks like when you explain catcalling to women

What else could produce these reactions but a discussion of the viral catcalling video?

A CNN feature on the Hollaback! film, in which author Steve Santagti advised women upset by catcalling to be "strong" and "carry a gun" is now going viral too.

"I'm more of an expert than you because I'm a guy.. I know why we do this. The bottom line is this ladies, you would not care if all these guys were hot," Santagati said as he began to mansplain catcalling to host Fredricka Whitfield and comedian Amanda Seales.

"There is nothing more that a woman loves to hear than how pretty she is," he added, prompting this reaction.

He went on: "You're telling me if I compliment you in the street it's some sort of abuse."

It got worse from there..

Watch the full segment below:

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