This little girl's letter impersonating her dad is absolutely foolproof

As has been well documented on the hallowed pages of indy100, there are certain kinds of genius you just can't teach at school.

Among them is this masterpiece of creativity from a little girl called Lily, who wrote a note to her mother reading:

Dear Wife what Did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot. Please Reply here _

Love: Don.

Seems legit (it's the line for him to write a response that really makes it).

And fair play to Lily: we have no idea what Don's handwriting looks like. This could be a perfect forgery for all we know.

The note was uploaded to reddit, where people are having fun imagining mum's reply:

Dear : Don. I cannot believe you forgot. You never remember the important things. I want a divorce.

Hey dear husband it's me your wife, I got her an algebra text book like we said, I hope she likes it.

We predict great things in Lily's future. If she doesn't become a successful con artist, sticking with that handwriting she could definitely make it as a doctor.

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