This man doesn't regret any of his tattoos... except that Tesco one on his crotch

A tattoo is for life, not just for holidays.

This was a lesson that Liam, a 23-year-old from Cheltenham, learnt the hard way when he woke up after a drunken day with the Tesco logo, the slogan "every little helps" and an arrow etched on his crotch..

Liam, who said he got the tattoo after drinking three litres of cider, appeared on E4's television series Tattoo Fixers on Holiday to see what the artists there could do to cover it up.

He told them that it was the worst mistake he has ever made and that he was inspired by a plastic bag...

He said:

That day was a blur. I have strung a story together from what people have told me.

I saw a shopping bag floating in the wind and thought "let's get that stupid phrase". I thought it was funny.

Liam, who has multiple tattoos of daggers, crosses, flowers and feathers across his body and face, said he doesn't regret any of this other tattoos, but immediately hated the Tesco one.

Lucky for Liam, the tattoo fixers were able to cover up the logo with a shark.


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