Hollywood prosthetic penis maker leaves Holly and Phil in fits of laughter on This Morning

Hollywood prosthetic penis maker leaves Holly and Phil in fits of laughter on This Morning
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This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield could not stop laughing after a Hollywood prosthetic maker showed the two how he creates fake penises for movies and TV shows.

Willoughby and Schofield interviewed Matthew Mungle, a special effects artist who has been making prosthetic body parts for nearly 40 years.

Mungle, who won an Academy Award for his work on Dracula, explained that the recent trend has indicated actors want to use prosthetic penises over their real penis either because they feel uncomfortable using their own or because they want a bigger one.

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Some of the actors Mungle has worked with are Chris Hemsworth and Will Ferrell.

While working with Hemsworth, Mungle said they wanted to create a very large-looking penis to fit the character and comedy of the movie, Vacation.

Mungle's comments led Schofield to joke that if he were to have his own prosthetic penis he would want "a proper schlong" leading Willoubghy to cover her mouth in laughter.

Mungle agreed that all actors want a "bigger schlong" and said that after Hemsworth wrapped production Vacation, the crew gifted him his prosthetic penis which he hung on a mantle next to his Thor hammer.

"So he's got both hammers together," Mungle joked.

The special effects artists had no shortage of penis-related jokes while he explained how they make the prosthetics using silicone to sculpt an original penis or set of testicles. Sometimes prosthetics can be made using a stock mold, other times it needs to be custom made.

Although Mungle's molds are only meant to view, real prosthetic penises are becoming more popular in the medical field. A man recently went viral after revealing how a team of doctors grew him a new penis on his arm.

Nevertheless, the fascinating process prompted Willoughby to ask how expensive each one is, leading to some jokes from Schofield and the This Morning team who questioned if Willoughby was inquiring for her own.

"I'll get you one for Christmas," Schofield said.

Mungle revealed that the prosthetics can be anywhere from $850 to $2500 USD.

Despite their giggles, the This Morning team has never shied away from discussing penises before. Back in November, Schofield and Willoughby discussed the man with the world's largest penis.

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