Man celebrates after penis attached to his arm gets put in its rightful place

Man celebrates after penis attached to his arm gets put in its rightful place
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A 47-year-old-man has finally had his penis re-attached to the right part of his body - after living with it on his arm for six years.

Malcolm MacDonald from Thetford, Norfolk lost his appendage in 2014 after contracting a perineum infection that turned into sepsis according to The Sun.

MacDonald was devastated upon losing his penis which he says made him feel like "a shadow of a man."

"My life really fell apart because I had no self-confidence," MacDonald told The Sun.

Although the man already had two children from a previous relationship, he still felt extremely insecure when using the bathroom.

Luckily Professor David Ralph at London’s University College Hospital was able to construct a bionic penis for MacDonald using skin from MacDonald's left arm.

However, in order for the skin around the bionic appendage to grow properly, they needed to attach it somewhere where MacDonald's oxygen blood supply was high enough. This ended up being his arm.

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MacDonald became the first person to have a penis grown on his arm and after two years in 2020, he was able to get it surgically attached between his legs. However, due to missed appointments then Covid, the Norfolk resident was forced to wait another two years.

The Sunreported MacDonald successfully had the bionic appendage, which he calls "Jimmy", reattached to the right part of his body this year after a nine-hour operation.

“Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis swinging on your arm?," MacDonald told The Sun. "It’s been a nightmare, but it’s gone now — the little bugger.”

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MacDonald's new appendage comes with a penile implant which will allow the 47-year-old to manually inflate it when needed with saline solution.

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