Phillip Schofield admits that he can’t get man with the ‘world’s largest penis’ out of his head

Phillip Schofield admits that he can’t get man with the ‘world’s largest penis’ out of his head

This Morning has pretty much covered everything – but, there’s one particular meeting Phillip Schofield can’t seem to get out of his head: the man with the ‘world’s largest penis.’

Phillip welcomed back his on-screen partner Holly Willoughby on Tuesday following her brief time off. She said: “All I did was watch you, it was a great show - I really enjoyed myself in my sickness!”

Filling her in on last week’s endeavours, he said, “You missed the man with the biggest penis in the world!”

“There’s something I can’t get out of my head,” Phillip added.

Jonah Falcon, the man who claims to have the ‘world’s largest penis’ made an appearance on last week’s show. The 51-year-old actor left Phillip and Josie Gibson speechless after whipping out a photo of his unusually large appendage – 13.5 inches to be precise.

“Hellfire” yelled Schofield after the revelation took him off-guard. Meanwhile, an embarrassed Josie was left lost for words for a good few seconds.

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Jonah then told them, “So now you no longer have to compare to these objects,” to which Phillip congratulated him.

The New York-based actor revealed that he has had several flings with some familiar faces – though he was unable to disclose celebrity names due to privacy and confidentiality.

Josie asked, “You have had a few Hollywood partners, I know you are not allowed to say but do you get that a lot?”

Jonah explained that “a large majority are just very well known, not necessarily Hollywood,” before disclosing that “a big chunk of them come from the British Isles” who he meets through “friends of friends”.

We can always rely on British daytime TV to bring the (questionable) goods.

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