Thursday marked what would have been the 60th birthday of Princess Diana, who tragically passed away 24 years ago.

And amid a day of reflection, and a statue unveiling by her two sons, British daytime TV show, ‘This Morning’ decided to mark the occasion by inviting on a former ‘Diana lookalike’ to take part in a Princess Diana-themed fashion show to commemorate her birthday.

The aim of the catwalk was to ‘show what Diana would have looked like’ today. We’re not sure it’s what she would have wanted.

During the segment, fashion mogul, Gok Wan, 46, said: “Polka dots... You can’t think about Princess Diana without polka dots”, before introducing Nikki Lilly, a former Princess Diana lookalike, to the catwalk.

\u2018This Morning\u2019 met Nikki Lilly, a former Princess Diana lookalike in the 80s and 90s‘This Morning’ met Nikki Lilly, a former Princess Diana lookalike in the 80s and 90sTwitter

He suggested, “This is what Diana would have looked like now if she was still with us”.

This raised a lot of eyebrows and confusion which prompted people to take to Twitter to express their disbelief.

One stunned viewer tweeted, ‘All of this screams ‘Diana’. For me, it screams ”dumpy mess”. Tribute, my arse.’

One concerned viewer thought the fashion segment was distasteful to the late royal, “Is it just me that thinks doing a segment on what Diana might have worn had she lived & not been tragically killed, is in poor taste??”

Another found the catwalk cringeworthy. They tweeted, “Cringing throughout the Poundland Princess Diana fashion segment. Love Gok, but the styling & tenuous concept was dodgy.”

Another summed up the nation’s thoughts in few words: “What wErE theY tHiNkiNG?”

One compared the fashion concept to this rather bad painting:

While another was lost for words, “LOOK-A-LIKE?!!!”

Earlier in the show, Philip Schofield asked the lookalike, “You’re pretty much the exact age she would have been. But for you, I suppose doing that job was special?”

She replied: “Yes I used to do lots of fun things. It was a wonderful thing working as a lookalike. When I was in the supermarket, some people would come up to me in tears, saying ‘I’m so sorry about Charles’.” Hmm.

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