This woman lost almost half her body weight in less than a year

This woman lost almost half her body weight in less than a year

The first step to a successful and sustained weight loss program might be as simple as asking for help.

Which is precisely what Jessica Weber did.

Growing up with abundance of potatoes, pasta, meat and starches in her diet, Weber started to put on weight at the age of nine, and ballooned over the years.

At the age of 22, the Illinois-born shop assistant weighed in at 27.3 stone – way above what is considered to be a healthy weight.

In January, she underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy – a form of weight loss surgery that removed a large portion of her stomach.

Weber has lost over 10 stone - just shy of half her body weight - since her surgery in the beginning of the year.

Now aged 23 years old, she continues to document the weight loss on her Instagram . Despite the intitial effects of the surgery, Weber's diet of lean proteins and fruits is helping her to shed the remaining weight.

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