TikTokers are trying to get Lil Nas X to wear action figure of The Rock to the Grammys

If there’s one celebrity who loves using internet trends to his advantage, it’s Lil Nas X.

His understanding of niche TikTok videos along with his hilarious Twitter presence allows him to tap into the cultural zeitgeist in a way most Hollywood stars haven’t done in the past.

Ahead of the Grammys, fans have a suggestion for Lil Nas X’s upcoming look that involves an action figure of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

TikTok users are rallying for the artist to wear the figurine on his hat at the Grammys.

It all started when the TikTok account called Little Rock Star for Lil Nas X embarked on a mission to get an actual rock with a drawing of a blue star to be passed around from Chicago to Los Angeles.

The idea was that people would join forces to retrieve and drop off the rock and various points across the country, with the end goal being to reach Lil Nas X in Hollywood.

The specific token of the rock seems to be a pun based on the now-viral TikTok song, “Pope is a Rockstar” by indie-pop duo SALES.


Prepare your hat @lil nas x

The TikToker also included a tracker in the rock to watch its progression across the country.

After two failed attempts, the TikToker decided to drive a “new rock” up to Wisconsin in the hopes that this one would make the rounds to Los Angeles.

Except this time the rocks used in the past have been replaced by a figure of The Rock.


Reply to @scubashroom Part 3

An ambitious goal for sure, but with 177.6K followers and with videos of over 18 million views, it’s become a campaign TikTok users are dedicated to seeing come to fruition.

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Lil Nas X is an Internet guru and is always in the know where it concerns niche TikTok trends, so it’s completely possible that he’s seen the videos circulating already.

According to their last video, The Rock doll has now traveled “197 miles” and “entered its third state”.

As of two days ago, the figurine is in Dubuque, Iowa, and those who wish to follow its journey can do so on the Untitled app.

Will it reach Lil Nas X? We sure hope so.

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