A map of all the countries where America's reputation got even worse

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A YouGov survey of 15 countries in Europe and Asia has found that most see the United States in a more negative light following the inauguration of the 45th president Donald Trump.

In every country, more negative views of the country outweigh positive views since the result of the United States election.

View the interactive map below:

The UK was found to have the second lowest percentage for positive reaction to the election, joint with Norway. It also had the joint fourth highest percentage of negative reaction with Finland.

Between 58 per cent and 77 per cent of Europeans say they are not confident that the New York billionaire will be a good president.

People also think less of the American people following Trump's victory.

Large numbers of people in each country surveyed now have a more negative view of Americans, including a majority of those in Germany, Norway and Britain.

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