Model Vogue Williams brands flight passenger who wouldn't swap seats an 'absolute t**t'

Model Vogue Williams brands flight passenger who wouldn't swap seats an 'absolute t**t'
Spencer Matthews shares secrets of sex life with Vogue Williams

Irish TV presenter and model Vogue Williams called a man an "absolute t***" because he didn't want to switch seats with her on a flight so she could be near her family.

In a recent episode of the podcast, Spencer and Vogue, the mum of three, said that she accidentally booked the wrong seat on the flight and asked if her husband, Spencer Matthews, could swap seats with a man next to him.

But then, she said that the man snapped at her and refused to move initially. The family was on the way home from Gibraltar when the situation occurred.

The Made in Chelsea star and their daughter Gigi was initially sitting in the window seat and a middle seat on the row next to Williams, while the other passenger sat in the aisle seat.

"Spenny was like, 'would you mind doing window instead of [the] aisle so we can be all together?' and he's like 'yes, Spencer, I would mind,'" Williams said.

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"We were just like, 'oh, okay dude, that's okay,' and so anyway when he realised he was being an absolute t**t," she continued before she added that he finally agreed to it.

Williams continued: "Literally, the air hostess came down, and I was like, 'have you got another aisle seat for this f***ing particular piece of s***e over here?' He was awful."

Williams also said it is a "nightmare" to have kids on a plane and, if anyone can aid in any way, do so.

Matthews said it was "fine" to deal with children on flights.

Elsewhere, the entrepreneur admitted that he attempted to jump the queue at the airport, but it didn't go according to plan, and he was sent to the back of the line.

"I tried to do my queue jump-y thing and go down the queue with no-one in it [but] because there was somebody manning the front of the queue, I got rejected in front of a big crowd," he explained.

The newest episode of the Spencer & Vogue podcast is available on all audio streaming platforms.

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