What the man who cut off his penis has to say, one year on

(Picture: VladTV/YouTube
(Picture: VladTV/YouTube

A little over a year after cutting off his penis and jumping from a second-floor balcony while high on drugs, rapper Andre Johnson has revealed that he's proud of his actions.

In an interview with VladTV, the Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated artist, also known as Christ Bearer, reflected on that fateful night in North Hollywood last April.

"PCP and meth and Molly [MDMA] and alcohol. And no sleep. That was the main thing: no sleep," he revealed.

The rapper had explained at the time that he'd fallen into depression after the mothers of his children had filed restraining orders against him, but was adamant that it wasn't a suicide attempt as some reports had suggested at the time. He was "in complete control," he said.

Fortunately for Johnson, everything is still working, sort of:

I'm not really going to go into it too much — we hangin', so I'm still able to work with what I'm able to work with, and get it down.

He had explained in a separate interview last year that its reattachment wasn't really crucial anyway. "It's not the size of the prize, it's the motion of the ocean," he said. "There's no mystery to it, but they couldn't reattach it. A penis is a penis is a penis."

And he has no regrets:

I'm the only man ever did what the fuck I did, and I'm proud of it. Because why? In the annals of history, I don’t think you got anybody who ever did it. I might've made the biggest mistake ever in history. But I'm proud of that.


Watch the full interview below (with NSFW language):

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