Can we guess what class you are based on how you answer these 6 questions?

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 27 September 2017 13:15

To which class do you belong?

YouGov has published two surveys on the British class system.

The studies found that working class people tend to think more highly of their own class than middle class people do.

Overall, the public at large thought the working class were treated worst by the government (65 per cent).

The upper class were thought to have the easiest life (73 per cent), and be the least moral (45 per cent).

36 per cent of those surveyed said that no class should be the most powerful, followed by 25 per cent who said it ought to be the working class.

Middle class was thought to the best class to be a member of, by 27 per cent of the public.

Which class do you agree with most on the topic of the class system?

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