Parents respond perfectly after nursery tells them to dress their daughter 'more girly'

Louis Staples
Monday 20 August 2018 12:30

Recently Jessica and Steve Rold picked up their two year-old son from nursery along with their infant daughter. It was just an average day.

But strangely, the nursery staff offered them some bizarre advice. They suggested that the pair should dress their daughter "more girly" for the benefit of the other children, so they could discern her gender more easily,

Surprised at the advice, the pair chose to address the situation with humour, attaching a paper bow to their daughter the next day.


Steve posted an image of the end result on Reddit, which caused fellow dads to share their stories of raising children in a world that still seems fixated by gender binaries.

One took issue with the blue/pink stereotypes, calling it "marketing".


Others shared stories of other people trying to police their children's behaviour or clothes to enforce gender norms.


But luckily, the dads in the thread could see that as long as their children are happy, that’s all that matters.


Sadly some told stories of other dads expressing discomfort with children flouting traditional gender expectations.


Steve and Jessica handled the incident in a fun way, but really it shouldn’t happen at all, should it? Though we aren't the only ones admiring Jessica's illustration skills.

H/T: Someecards

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