How to write the perfect passive aggressive note - in seven easy steps

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Sunday 29 May 2016 12:20

Being passive aggressive doesn’t make you a bad person, really.

It does make you pretty annoying, though, so come closer and indy100 can teach you...

According to research from Data Label, 83 per cent of us say we've never sent a passive aggressive note - which doesn't sound right at all.

But in case you're struggling they've also come up with seven easy steps to ascend to passive aggressive note heaven, and here they are:

1. Passively address the recipient, even if you know exactly who it is

Passive aggressive notes are often left anonymously, so it's vital you make sure the intended person receives it. There's nothing worse than wasting your cleverness on a note which ends up in the wrong hands!

2. Make sure to balance sarcasm and politeness

The key to passive aggression is a delicate equilibrium between scathing sarcasm and wide-eyed innocence.

3. Use your Ps and Qs... excessively

You must ensure that snark is exceeded only by politeness.

4. State the obvious

Because sometimes people are so ignorant genuinely have no idea their seemingly innocent action is causing you so much agony.

5. Mention the repercussions if they continue with the problematic action

Some people need a little incentive to cease and desist.

6. Optional: include helpful diagram

Visual aids can be helpful in conveying your point.

7. Leave the note in an entirely inappropriate place

Floor, toilet, cookie...

Now that you have the tools, off you go!

Why address conflict in your life in a mature, direct manner when you can write notes instead?


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