10 signs you should walk out of your job interview immediately

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 07 October 2017 12:30

There’s often so much going on in a job interview that that the last thing you'd think about is whether the company you’re interviewing for actually lives up to your expectations.

Between trying to list weaknesses that don’t make you sound totally incompetent, not spilling your water, and remembering to sit straight and smile, anything indicating that the employer might not actually be a good fit for you is the last thing you’d notice.

So Reddit users have helpfully gathered in a thread asking what red flags to look out for in job interviews. Consider this part of your pre-interview prep.

If you spot any of these things, excuse yourself immediately.

1. Life stories

2. No salary

3. Sugar-coated unpaid overtime

4. Absenteeism

5. Quick promotions

6. The work-hard-play-hard routine

7. Getting too personal

8. They pull out the family card

9. The alarming "hypothetical" question

10. And just the alarming question

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