Melania Trump held Donald Trump's hand while celebrating 4 July in 'rare' display of affection

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 05 July 2018 08:30
Picture:(Alex Edelman/Getty )

Melania Trump isn’t exactly known for public displays of affection towards her husband.

In fact, the first lady has been captured in some rather awkward situations when Donald Trump tried (and, it appeared) failed on multiple occasions to take hold of her hand.

There was the time where Trump attempted to capture he’s wife’s hand while they walked towards a chartered jet to Ohio in March.

He was unsuccessful in procuring the aforementioned hand.

There was also this moment in May where Trump is seen executing the ‘pinkie’ dance in an effort to coax his wife’s hand during a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

It was a delicate situation for all involved.

In February the US president was captured holding Melania’s thumb, before she disengaged her hand and walked ahead of him on their way to visit survivors of the Florida shooting.

Oh dear.

However, despite a shaky track record, Trump was captured holding hands with his wife during Fourth of July celebrations at the White House.

The pair walked down the South Lawn holding hands as they attended a White House lawn picnic with hundreds of military families.

(Alex Edelman/Getty )(Alex Edelman/Getty)

Fist pump.

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