11 things you need to survive a nuclear attack

Monday 10 July 2017 15:15
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On Tuesday, North Korea launched another test of an Inter-continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

If a nuclear warhead were attached, the rogue nation could wipe out millions in the event of a successful strike.

There's probably little reason for existential dread.

If the threat of nuclear obliteration is playing on your mind, why not turn it into something productive and be prepared?

Imagining you've survived the initial blast, you should seek shelter in the centre of a dense and stable structure.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the US government believes you should have these items in your emergency supply kit in your shelter:

  • One gallon of water per person, per day you're sheltered for at least three days.
  • Three day supply of nonperishable food.
  • Battery powered or hand powered radio - staying tuned in and getting information in the aftermath of a nuclear incident will be crucial to your survival. A Weather Radio will also be extremely important following a nuclear catastrophe.
  • Flashlight.
  • First aid kit.
  • Whistle - to signal for help.
  • Dust mask. This in particular will help with breathing contaminated air. Plastic sheeting and duct tape can also help keep unwanted particles out of your shelter.
  • Moist towelettes, bin bags and plastic ties - all for the sake of your sanitation.
  • Wrench/pliers for turning off utilities.
  • Tin openers for your food.
  • Local maps.

Also of critical importance are extra batteries for things like the flashlight and radio.

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