Pilot in world's most meta sky drawing

Josh Barrie@JoshBythesea
Monday 14 March 2016 09:50
Wiki Commons - a similar aircraft to the one used

A pilot has owned the internet by using a plane to draw the outline of a plane on FlightRadar, in a pretty meta move.

The aircraft, a privately owned Robin DR-400/180 Regent, flew from a small airport not far from Hamburg, to Heligeland in the North Sea. While on the trip, a meticulously, impressively detailed picture of a plane was created.

The result is an image on tracking site flightradar24. It details the journey from start to finish, its altitude of 300ft, and the time the pilot got artistic in the air.

It's really quite something...

It's a step-up from the usual tracking images that appear on the internet. A lot of people use running apps such as Nike+ to showcase the routes they take when burning off croissants.

One woman, Claire Wyckoff, shot to stardom after drawing a selection of penises when jogging. She also once constructed a picture of a vagina.

Here's one of her phallic runs from 2014, which she dedicated to US TV star Jimmy Fallon.

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