People are in love with this smol pupper and his mini macbook

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 03 September 2017 15:15
Picture:(iStock/Getty Images)

Dogs on laptops. What else could you want today?

YouTube star of 10 years Meghan Camarena shared this photo on Saturday of the cutest combination known to dog kind.

According to Camarena, she spent $8.99 (USD) on a mini Apple Macbook for her dog.

The post went viral, and has inspired indy100 to find the best shots of smol puppers surfing the web.

This single female lawyer fighting for her clients:

This small start up:

Oh! You're home early:

What? Yes. I'll have those emails done right away:

According to the caption on this pooch, the job hunt became too much. Preach:

Even dogs lurk.

Slim build, GSOH, seeks absolute hound for friendship and fun. No time wasters:

indy100 official request: Please send us your pics of smol dogs with even smoller laptops.

We will not put them on the internet, we just want to see them.

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