The countries that love smoking cigarettes the most, mapped

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 08 December 2016 15:15

As everyone knows, smoking is cool. Unless it's 2 degrees outside, and you're slurping that thing up like a melted ice pop.

It's just deadly, gross, and expensive, which are worse than looking cool for a minute.

For nine years, smoking in public has been banned in the UK, yet Sweden has still come top (or bottom) for the fewest smokers.

Data from Eurostat's Tobacco Consumption Study has been compiled by Statista, to reveal the countries with the fewest smokers.


The study found that the average figure was 24 per cent.

Sweden's low figure is perhaps attributable to the popularity the alternative tobacco product "snus".

Essentially snuff, this is consumed by placing tobacco under the lip for sucking, rather than smoking it.

In every EU member state the proportion of men smoking was higher than that of women.

On average this gap was as high as nine per cent.

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