This account points out everything wrong with Instagram’s nipple policy
Picture: Genderless Nipples/Instagram/screengrab

There’s something wrong with women’s nipples.

At least that’s the message being touted by social media. Instagram continues to be shadowed by criticism for reportedly removing photographs which depict female nipples, but allowing images of male nipples to remain.

Earlier this year, a woman claimed her Instagram account had been suspended because she uploaded a picture of a cake, with dough balls that may have looked like nipples.

Several celebrities also took to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hash tag #FreeTheNipple protesting what they believe is the regulation of the female body on social media.

Evelyne Wyss, and her friends Morgan-Lee Wagner and Marco Russo present to you the Instagram page Genderless Nipples.

It does what it says on the tin, and users are encouraged to send images of their nipples in. They are then uploaded on the Instagram page.

The key here, is that no one knows if the nipples belong to men or women.

Wyss told Metrothat the point of the account isn’t necessarily to protest the rules, but rather to show that the rules should apply equally to both men and women.

We thought that without men’s hair around the nipple, how could Instagram even tell the difference? We [want to] show Instagram that their policy is not working in today’s society anymore.’

We are not against the rules, but we think rules should be applied to all genders equally.

One image has already been removed for "breaching community guidelines".

The funny thing is that the removed image depicted a man's nipple.

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