The day of the year you’re most likely to be dumped (and it's coming!)
Picture: Bridget Jones' Diary/YouTube/screengrab

If sickly sweet couple posts on Facebook are beginning to grate on your nerves, you can soon indulge the evil in you.

Lee Byron and Information is Beautiful managed to work out the most popular break-up day of the year.

By analysing Facebook posts and status updates about breaking up, they have it – and it’s before Christmas, too (so you can revel in merry singlehood peacefully).

That date is 11 December.

Possible reasons for this:

  • You’ve just splashed out on a cross bow (too much Game of Thrones...) and are thus too broke to spend money on a present
  • You don’t want to see their family
  • You don't have to cook a quorn log for their 'vegetarian' sister
  • You can’t be bothered with all their stupid Christmas traditions
  • You really need some coal
  • You need motivation for a 2017 body, and breaking up will do it
  • You want to bathe in desperate singles on New Year’s Eve
  • You’re getting a VR headset for Christmas
  • You are a horrible human being

Or, you know, you just want to break up and it happens to fall on that day...

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