Man points out travel website's suggestion of a 47-year layover, company has the best response

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 30 August 2016 15:40
Picture: Prakash Singh/Getty

When James Lloyd was planning his trip home from New Zealand last week, he figured it was going to be a long haul flight.

Lloyd, 25, from Lincolnshire, factored in potential layovers, and figured briefly loitering in a foreign airport was doable.

But when he looked at flights on the travel website Skyscanner, he encounted a small problem. Nothing more than a minor inconvenience really.

He had a slightly longer wait in Bangkok airport than he had anticipated: 413,786 hours to be exact. Or 47 years:

He posted a screen-grab of the webpage on the Skyscanner Facebook page. Lloyd wanted some advice about what one can do in Bangkok. For 47 years.

Thousands of people loved Jen's response, and people posted other glitchy layovers, getting her advice on things to do. One of her better suggestions for a Sydney layover was "Have a sleepover or 17,155 at the zoo."

Suffice to say, Skyscanner should give her a bonus. Or a promotion. Or both.

Jen won hearts and minds...

Basically Jen wins every single gold medal at the customer service awards...

A spokesperson for Skyscanner told indy100:

We never imagined the Facebook discussion between Jen and James would gain this much interest. Being able to deal with customers’ questions while building relations with them is key for us and we’re lucky to have a great team who feel passionately about this. Needless to say, we are very proud to be #teamjen.

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